Sparkling Feathers Triptych


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Jane Hamilton Fine Art


“Sparkling Feathers Triptych” is an homage to the artist’s studio and home in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. With a native theme and pearlescent colors that feel otherworldly, it stands at more than two-feet tall, making it a very compelling statement piece. 

A Triptych is an artwork split into three parts, originating from the Greek word triptykos, which means ‘three layers.’ The various elements explore dimension and shape through a beautiful storytelling of color. The top expands upwards to the sky, yet feels grounded like a bull or longhorn. In Native American culture, these represented good luck, determination, and spiritual guidance. 

Each shade brings joy to the heart and adds a high-end visual appeal to any home or garden. 

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 27 in


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