Going with the Flow


13-square-inch shadow box, acrylic painting with embellished glass overlay with vitrigraph, beads and stringers

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“Going with the Flow” is a captivating exploration of color and texture. The piece is a visual experience that evokes a metaphorical expression of life’s unpredictable journey. It offers a sense of peace amidst the chaos, encouraging viewers to let go of the stresses in daily life and embrace the natural flow of existence. 

With an almost underwater feel, abstract patterns effortlessly combine like elements of nature. The color palette chosen by the artist is a soothing blend of blues and greens, with exciting splashes of red, orange, black, and pink. From the wild pastel-like strokes that feel like water, to the satin green forms like lush landscapes, this painting feels like the place where worlds meld together. 

The title encourages the viewer to surrender to change and navigate through challenges with grace, much like a river adapts to its ever-evolving course. It is a beautiful and inspirational piece that will add a healing energy to your home. 

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 3 in